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Metal halide lamp luminous process
Metal halide lamp inside filling metal halide and a small amount of gas, from the trigger to the normal light should be more than a minute, roughly divided into three stages.Stage 1. Trigger: there is no filament in the metal halide lamp, only two electrodes, directly add working voltage cannot fire, you must first add high pressure gas ionization in the lamp.High pressure generated by the special trigger.2. The fire phases: bulb when triggered, electrode discharge voltage further heating electrode, the formation of glow discharge, and create conditions for arc discharge.3. The normal light phase: in under the action of glow discharge, the electrode temperature is higher and higher, the launch of the electronic number more and more, the rapid transition to the arc discharge.As temperatures rise further, light emitting stronger and stronger until normal, all process must be more than a minute, if the starting current is big, the start-up performance is good, this process can be shorter.
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