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The classification of the explosion-proof lamp

Explosion-proof lamp general according to the selection of light source, explosion-proof structure, use classification.Classified by the light source are low-voltage explosion-proof incandescent lamp, explosion-proof high pressure mercury lamp, explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, mixed light lamp, etc.;Classified by explosion-proof structure with flameproof type lamps and lanterns, increased safety lamps and lanterns, compound of lamps and lanterns, etc;According to use classification has a fixed explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, and portable explosion-proof lamps and lanterns.

According to the explosion-proof type

According to the explosion-proof type flameproof, increased safety, positive pressure type, no spark and dust explosion-proof type, a total of five kinds of main types, can also by other explosion-proof type and the different combination of the explosion-proof type shape or complex and special type.

According to the type of protection against electric shock

According to the type of protection against electric shock can be divided into , , class.Protection against electric shock is to prevent electric explosion-proof lamps shell accessible parts, make human body electric shock or conductors of different potential hit produce electric spark and ignition explosive mixture.

A class, on the basis of the basic insulation will be accessible when the normal work of the electrically neutral of the electrically conductive parts are connected to the protective earthing conductor in A fixed line.

B class - with double insulation or reinforced insulation as a safety protection measures, no grounding protection.

Class C - use safe voltage effective value is not more than 50 v, and won't produce higher than this voltage value.

D0 class - rely on basic insulation only as safety protection measures.

The vast majority of explosion-proof lamps type for protection against electric shock, I kind of lamps and lanterns, only a few for , lamps and lanterns.For example: all plastic explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof torch Jane.

Explosion-proof principle type symbol

Flameproof d

All devices may be lit blow gas mixture components enclosed in a shell, the shell can withstand any shell joint surface or structure clearance, infiltrate into the inside of the shell of combustible mixture in the internal explosion damaged, and can guarantee the internal fire flame gas travels through the gap in lower energy, not enough to set off the shell of gas.

Did gain e

Under the condition of normal operation does not produce the electrical equipment of the electric arc, spark some JiaCuo attached to improve its safety degree, prevent the internal and external components may appear dangerous temperature, electric arc and spark the possibility of explosion-proof type, further mining take protective measures in the structure, improve equipment reliability and safety performance.

Positive pressure type p

By maintaining equipment enclosure internal protective gas pressure is higher than the surrounding anti explosion environment pressure force to the safety of electrical equipment within the system to protect static positive pressure or keep continuous air or inert gas flow, to limit the combustible mixture into the internal surface.Take the positive pressure inside the equipment state into the shell of combustible gas, prevent the formation of combustible mixture in the shell.

The place I

All circuits inside the equipment under standard conditions (including the normal work and the rules of fault conditions), the effect of any spark or any are not points but rules of explosion-proof intrinsically safe circuit of gas environment.

Encapsulation type m

Will probably have an explosive mix inclusion ignition spark, arc or dangerous temperature part of electrical components, encapsulation in encapsulation agents (compounds), make it can not be lit weeks explosive mixture using encapsulation measures, can prevent short-circuit, curing electrical insulating gas, electrical components to avoid the circuit of the ignition of spark and arc and dangerous temperature produce and prevent the invasion of the explosive mixture, control table surface temperature under normal and fault conditions.

Oil-immersed type o

The whole equipment or equipment parts of l I protect fluid within the oil, rendered point outside the fuel surface above or shell explosion-proof gas environment.

Sand mold filling q

Filling sand or other provisions of characteristics in the shell powder material, under specified conditions of use, the shell of arc or high temperature are not lit around the wild fire electrical equipment of environmental protection type.

Airtight type h class type adopts airtight case explosion-proof equipment.The environment of explosive gas mixture can't invade equipment inside the shell.Airtight shell by melting, extrusion or adhesive method to carry on the seal, the enclosure is sealed, and mostly to ensure permanent tightness.

According to the shell protection grade

According to shell protection grade classification: in order to protective dust, solid foreign bodies and water into the lamp lumen, touching or product set on live parts to produce fire, short circuit or destruction of electrical insulation, such as dangerous, there are many way to protect the electrical insulation shell protection.With characteristics of the letters "IP" followed by two Numbers to characterize their level of protection.The first digital representation of people, solid foreign body or dust protection.Divided into 0-6.Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns is a seal of lamps and lanterns, the dust capacity of 4 class above, at least 2 Numbers for water protection, divided into 0 to 8.

According to the design of lamps and lanterns of bearing surface materials

According to the design of lamps and lanterns of the bearing surface material classification: indoor explosion-proof lamps may be installed in many belongs to the surface of ordinary combustible materials, such as wooden walls and ceilings, they do not allow the surface temperature of the explosion-proof lamps installed more than security value.According to whether explosion-proof lamps can be installed directly in the surface of ordinary combustible materials can be divided into two classes.

There is only suitable for installation on the surface of the incombustible, lamps and lanterns.

Another kind is suitable for direct installation in ordinary combustible materials on the surface of the lamps and lanterns, marked symbol.

In addition, according to the installation forms can be classified as fixed type and movable type, portable.

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