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Super high pressure mercury lamp light source system

Ignited, the mercury vapor pressure more than 10 atmospheres has small volume, high brightness, visible and ultraviolet radiation characteristics of strong energy, can be used as a fluorescence microscope, optical instrument and strong illuminant of lithography.
Parallel to the super high pressure mercury lamp light source system using mercury discharge generated when mercury vapor for electric light source of visible light.Mercury lamp, high pressure mercury lamp and super high pressure mercury lamp.High pressure mercury lamp work mercury vapor pressure is 0.2 ~ 1000000 mpa.The luminous efficiency can reach 35 ~ 50 flow per watt (lm/W), widely used in environmental temperature is 20 ~ 40 - street, square, tall buildings, transport places for indoor and outdoor lighting light source.
Super high pressure mercury lamp work above mercury vapor pressure is 1 million mpa.The light from the long wave ultraviolet to visible light has the very strong radiation, high arc brightness.Work mercury vapour pressure is higher, the visible part of the rich, arc brightness also is higher.Super high pressure mercury lamp has short arc ultra-high pressure mercury lamp and capillary ultra-high pressure mercury lamp.Short arc is super high pressure mercury lamp radiation strong long wave ultraviolet and visible light point light source.Is widely used in fluorescence microscope, ultraviolet spectrometer, holographic optical instrument, also used in integrated circuit printing plate-making process.Capillary ultra-high pressure mercury lamp is mainly used to process and color picture tube coated screen plate making process.If the super high pressure mercury lamp start to xenon gas, can improve its startup performance, make it suitable for locomotive lamps.

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